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Invasion on the Mountain (1933),

Invasion on the Mountain is the first of a series of three books set in 1933, 1934 -35, and 1936-37 based on the author's solid historical research, familiarity with the region, and imagined young protagonist. Twelve year old Will Ryan, in the spring of 1933, learns he must share his beloved Ascutney Mountain with the young men of the 129th Company of the Civilian Conservation Corps. This invasion turns out, through many adventures, to benefit both Will and his new CCC friends. The specific corpsmen who become his friends are also imaginary - but their tasks, travails, and stories are actual details and anecdotes from Ascutney and other CCC camps. Includes historic photos of the camp, road building, and the terrain.

The narrative is followed by: short essays on the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the corpsman's album from which photos have been chosen to illustrate the book; and eight Topics and Questions for Discussion focused on issues in the book.

This summer I have presented in a variety of venues and towns. What I'm learning about the CCC and its twenty camps in Vermont has told me that each town I go to had it's own nearby CCC camp. Therefore, I've done research on all the camps, and when I present in an area I not only talk about the book, but about the camp and it's accomplishments in the area. For instance, I presented at the Varnum Memorial Library in Jeffersonville, VT, and I emphasized the work of the CCC camp at Waterbury - with a side camp at Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield. Next was a book signing at the Misty Valley bookstore in Chester - back to Mt. Ascutney, and the same for Ascutney State Park and Wilgus State Park. Some of the other presentations this fall take me to North Thetford to their historical society, and to the Quechee Library where I bring in several different CCC camps near the area. Next on my agenda is a presentation at my local library in Springfield, sponsored by the Audubon Society, On October 6. I'll post dates on my home page - and I'm actively booking now. Hope to see you - somewhere!

“This is the first book that this reviewer has seen that makes it possible for young people to understand the importance of the expedition. Detailing the information from the journal of Reubin is possible for a young person to imagine him or herself being in the canoes or learning from the Indians. Lavishly illustrated, the book should be a must read for each young person.”

--Heritage Quest

Bending Moments, the title, comes from a formula for figuring out when the stress on a beam becomes too much strain - and the beam is at the breaking point. A Bending Moment, in human terms, occurs when our internal resources are no longer able to combat the stress of an external event or events. We reach the breaking point. Instead of breaking, like a wooden beam, we have great possibilities during this upheaval for positive new beliefs and change in our lives - IF we are able to get the helpful guidance at the right time.

Quoting from my book:

"The very best time to effect lasting change is at the cime of crisis."
"No behavior remains changed unless the internal image has changed also."
"We will never completely lose the feelings of uncomfort, the prickling of pain about old wounds, like a broken bone that aches in the rain. But, we can stop acting on those feelings!"
"All human despair is the result of resistance to change." Confucius.
"Courage is still the headliner!"

“As part of the series, 'In World History,' this account of Henry Hudson’s travels to the new world and exploration of three bodies of water that now bear his name...provides a glimpse into the struggles Hudson and his men met in their attempt to chart the unknown...[provides] details about the livelihood of his men and the Native Americans whom they met along the way. Her selection of black-and-white maps, sketches, and photographs is varied and adds texture to a well-told story. Readers will gain some knowledge about the use of primary sources since Edwards draws judiciously from Hudson’s diaries, thereby giving the writing a sense of immediacy and life”.

--Children’s Literature Review.

This book traces the dangers and adventures surrounding the history of the first permanent British settlement in America, highlighting the roles played by John Smith, Pocahontas, and other individuals.
Reviewers found that there is "an amazing amount of information about a century of American history that is usually covered in a few's not just another rehash of the same facts we have seen so many times before. Book Report calls it Highly Recommended.