The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark


Reubin Field and his brother Joseph were two of the “nine young men from Kentucky” who joined the famous Lewis and Clark expedition in l803. The farmers because soldiers, since this was a military expedition, and began one of the great journeys of all time. Reubin’s folksy narrative covers all of the now-familiar people, places, and events of the tale … Much information about the purposes and findings of the expedition is included, as are an afterword and a small bibliography. In the first-person narrative, as recorded by Edwards, Reubin is a companionable guide and the inviting format, lively prose and dramatic illustrations make this one of the better offerings for the bicentennial of the grand event.

~ Kirkus Reviews

"In this picture book for older children, Edwards pulls an actual name (Reubin Field) from the company that Lewis and Clark led on their epic venture, then gives him a voice to explain the expedition’s purpose, ruefully recall its hazards, and describe encounters both friendly and hostile with indigenous residents. Children will get a clear sense of both the danger and excitement of the journey, and meet Sacagawea, York, and other historical figures along the way. Though the text is printed in conventional typeface, the pages are designed to evoke those of a private journal, with mostly small, insterspersed water-color or ink pictures of flora, fauna, people, and the occasional landscape. The narrator’s undimmed enthusiasm for new sights and experiences lends rare immediacy to his sketcy but coherent overview of the several-thousan-mile journey, giving children not yet up to talking the plethora of fuller accounts (several of thish Edwards lists at the end) a basic outline."

~ Booklist. John Peters, reviewer

The Lewis and Clark expedition of l803-1806 has been the subject of a great deal of press, books, etc. in this two hundredth year anniversary of the beginning of the expedition. This is the first book that this reviewer has seen that makes it possible for the young people to understand the importance of the expedition. Detailing the information from the journal of Reubin Field and using simple terminology it is possible for a young person to imagine him or herself being in the canoes or learning from the Indians. Lavishly illustrated this book should be a must read for each young person between the ages of six-ten. Adults reading this to their children will come away with a sense of wonder and perhaps a desire to learn more of the expedition.

~ Heritage Quest

“Told” by a young farmer who enlisted for a journey led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and commissioned in l803 by the president of the United Statees, Tho9mas Jefferson, this book presents a different facet of the famous Journey…The text is written in a narrative speech such as the reader might expect to hear from someone without too much formal education but with much practical knowledge of nature. The watercolor paintings are stiking and add much to the text, making it easy for the reader to imagine what the years-long journey must have been like…A bibliography is appended inside the back cover. Recommended for its unusual reporting of the famous journey.,.

~ Eastern Washington Book Review Council

The story of the Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark is told by a real member of the Corps of Discovery, Reubin Fields. While giving the young reader accurate information, the relaxed and personal language allow him or her to imagine "being in the canoes,or learning from the Indians" in the words of the Heritage Quest reviwer. It is beautifully illustrated and moves along at a pace not unlike the indredible geographical unfolding that WAS the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The book received over fifty reviews, all of them positive. This is thanks to the throughly professional efforts of publishers Farrar Straus and Giroux and my wonderful editor, Robbie Mayes.

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