Henry Hudson and His Voyage of Exploration

Henry Hudson was much more than the discoverer of the "Hudson" River or the bay and straits that bear his name. He was one of the great explorers of the Artic and North American waters. His voyages of discovery in search of the non-existent Northwest Passage to Asia includes the history, map and chart making and ambitions of scores of events and people in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Besides, it is an amazing adventure story!


“As part of the series, 'In World History,' this account of Henry Hudson’s travels to the new world and exploration of three bodies of water that now bare his name, the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Strait, provide a glimpse into the struggles Hudson and his men met in their attempt to chart the unknown The author, Judith Edwards, had a challenge ahead of her as well, as there is scant information about the life Hudson led before he began his voyages from England, his homeland. Nonetheless, Edwards fleshes out Hudson's story by giving us lessons about the history of the late 1500's and early 1600'; geography of the eastern seaboard and the routes that Hudson followed: and details about the livelihood of his men and the Native Americans whom they met along the way. Her selection of black-and white maps, sketches, and photographs is varied and adds texture to a well-told story. Readers will gain some knowledge about the use of primary sources since Edwards draws judiciously from Hudson's diaries, thereby giving the writing a sense of immediacy and life.

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“Provides a glimpse into the struggles Hudson and his men met...[a] sense of immediacy and life!”
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