This section holds letters I've received about my school, book store, conference and library presentations, as well as letters about my books. I'll be adding to this slowly - going through my files.

From Susan Voake, School Librarian, Marion Cross School, Norwich Vermont, May 16, 2006:

To Whom It May Concern:
I am happy to share our experiences with Vermont children's author, Judy Edwards. She visited our elementary school today and met with children in 3rd and 5th grade. In conjunction with their study of biography wriring, Judy met with each fifth grade class. The children were very engaged and asked questions for the full forty-five minutes. She shared her experiences working wih an editor, the revising process, how the illustrations can complement the text (or not); shared her passion for historical research and her drive to write. The teachers were pleased with her recommendations that children get into the habit of expressing their thoughts on paper, journaling events in their lives that bring up feelings; and she clear connected with the children. They were nodding their heads when she said, "if you're a writer, you'd better write."

Judy's presentation based on her book, The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark, was a hit with our third grades...The book is narrated by a lesser-known member of the Corps of Discovery, which gave Judy the opportunity to talk with the children about using her imagination to give this first-person narrator a voice. She dramatized the Corps' experiences with Native American tribes, Sacagawea's assistance, the disappointment of finding the Rocky Mountains instead of the hoped-for Northwest Passage, and their triumphant return to St. Louis. She had many artifacts that the children were able to see and handled.

We found Judy to be extremely flexible, eager to tailor her presentations to the teachers' needs, warm, and willing to work hard, meeting with five groups of children. It was an inspiring visit for our kids.

Sincerely, Susan Voake

Marion Austin, on March 27, 2006,coordinator of the New Hampshire Children's Literature Conference, writes:

Dear Judith:
Thank you so much for being part of our Children's Literature Conference. Your illustrated presentations awakened many people's interest in history, especially the young people who attended.
The Lindbergh book is great! I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it...I hope that our paths may cross again. I have enjoyed meeting you and wish you success with continued writing.

Sincerely, Marion

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