Exploring personal history in the Lake Country of North England.


Judith Edwards has led an “eclectic” life, and plans to continue to do so. Born in Denver, Colorado, she grew up in Southern California. “My Dad’s family were Colorado ranchers and we traveled a lot around the West when I was a child. I was a voluminous reader and always wrote.” At eighteen, Judy left the University of California at Berkeley to move east and attend the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater, studying voice and languages privately. After the birth of her third child she went back to college, receiving a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and, later, a Masters of Social Work.

In l972 she moved with her family from New York City to a farm in northern Vermont, and taught acting and creative writing at Johnson State College, housing a theater company in her barn. Imagination Players was funded by the Vermont and New Hampshire Arts Councils, and toured those states. She produced and directed two of her own adult plays, one an adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, and over twenty musical plays for children. She wrote for many New England and other publications, including Vermont Life, Yankee, McCall’s, and Musical America.

Judy returned to New York after teaching at Florida International University in Miami, and the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, to pursue acting and directing. Her children then in college, she traveled all over the country with five one-woman shows, as well as appearing in plays in New York City and Dorset, Vermont.

Judy currently lives in a farmhouse built in l798, in southern Vermont. She sings with the Ascutney Trio, does a public access television show called "All About People", which deals with humane and artistic activities in the area, and gardens avidly - with her grandchildren as often as possible. And, of course, she always has a new book in the works.

Her book, Bending Moments, Crossing the Uncomfort Zone to Change, is available at Amazon.Com, Abebooks, Baker and Taylor, CreateSpace, and through Judy herself. This is a psychology book, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and offering strategies toward change, by "crossing the uncomfort zone." Please go to the Works page to read more about this book.

The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark, is her third book on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. “I discovered Lewis and Clark while writing a play set in the West. I stumbled on Bernard De Voto’s Journals of Lewis and Clark in a library. I fell into those journals and have never emerged.” She believes that the Lewis and Clark Expedition is the “great geographical unfolding of our country, and a human adventure story of epic proportions.” Other books on American history followed Colter's Runan early book about an adventure experienced by a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

TROUBLE ON THE MOUNTAIN, published in early July, 2012, followed Book One of the three book series, INVASION ON THE MOUNTAIN, The Adventures of Will Ryan and The Civilian Conservation Corps., 1933. It was published on May 15, 2011. In June of 2013, AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN joined the first two books to complete the trilogy.

"I volunteered as a guide on Ascutney Mountain two years ago, and I fell in love with this huge, high rock. I discovered that the Civilian Conservation Corps created the road to the summit, the campgrounds and trails, wonderful stone huts and more. The Corps created almost miracles in state and national parks all over the country, which is a much larger subject. I know Ascutney, and I wanted to write a book using a young narrator, set in the years when the CCC was in the area, who truly loves and knows the mountain. Well, I did write that book - and it has turned out to be a three book series; the first one available through me, through my publisher, Images from the Past, on Amazon, and at local bookstores and libraries. Please see the home page for more information.

Middle Grade Historical Fiction

The second of the trilogy on the Civilian Conservation Corps and Will Ryan. A dangerous wildfire on Ascutney Mountain, an unexpected blizzard, secrets from the past, and the new girl at school are just some of the challenges facing Will
Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Subtitled "The Adventures of Will Ryan and the Civilian Conservation Corps, this is the first of three books starring Will Ryan and his friends in the CCC. See full description by clicking on the title "Invasion...."
Final book in the "Will and the CCC" series on the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Ascutney CCC company finishes the road to the top of the mountain, Will saves the lives of hikers and a house about to be consumed by fire, he tours Coolidge State Park. Will and Carrie, nearing the end of high school and readying for college, realize their friendship has grown into something they want to last the rest of their livestrilogy
Children’s Historical
“The narrator’s undimmed enthusiasm for new sights and experiences lends rare immediacy...”
Non-Fiction, Adult, Psychology
This is a book about survival - of trauma, of the beliefs and defenses we form around that hurt, and how we can change ourselves and our lives for fulfillment and happiness.
Middle School/High School History
“Provides a glimpse into the struggles Hudson and his men met...[a] sense of immediacy and life!”
--Children’s Literature Review