Bending Moments: Crossing the Uncomfort Zone to Change

Bending Moments, the title, comes from a formula for figuring out when the stress on a beam becomes too much strain - and the beam is at the breaking point. A Bending Moment, in human terms, occurs when our internal resources are no longer able to combat the stress of an external event or events. We reach the breaking point. Instead of breaking, like a wooden beam, we have great possibilities during this upheaval for positive new beliefs and change in our lives - IF we are able to get the helpful guidance at the right time.

Quoting from my book:

"The very best time to effect lasting change is at the crime of crisis."
"No behavior remains changed unless the internal image has changed also."
"We will never completely lose the feelings of uncomfort, the prickling of pain about old wounds, like a broken bone that aches in the rain. But, we can stop acting on those feelings!"
"All human despair is the result of resistance to change." Confucius.
"Courage is still the headliner!"


By Avidreader "janet" (Perkinsville, Vermont)
I loved the way Judith put this book together. Using personal experiences makes the writer more relatable and I admire her courage in sharing her own Bending Moments. I had to skip ahead in the book to find out how the girl's childhood had been, because it reminded me of my own past. I found so much to use in my own life as memories came to the surface and then could be seen without judgment. An excellent book to set one out on a course of personal growth and renewal and to find the courage to do so.

By Cat Girl (Springfield, VT)
The author tells an attention grasping tale of personal triumph. The uncomfortable feeling of trying to conquer our fear and what we cannot accept at times of our past and present. Lending you the secrets to overcome fears and past anxieties the author supports and helps you establish a comfortable growing into changing your life for the better!

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