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2014 list of presentations.

Rutland Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.
April 11
Bridgewater Historical Society
April 22
Tinmouth Historical Society
April 27
Vermont History Expo
June 21
Bristol Historical Society
July 17
Peru and Landgrove Historical Societies
July 18

Partial list of presentations, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Mount Ascutney State Park
Wilgus State Park
Groton Nature Center
Stillwater State Park
Calvin Coolidge State Park
CCC Legacy Society

Morrisville Library, Morrisville
Cutler Library, Plainfield
Varnum Memorial Library, Jeffersonville
Coolidge Memorial Foundation
Vermont Ski Museum, Stowe
Springfield Town Library, Springfield
Fletcher Memorial Library, Ludlow
Quechee Library, Quechee
Misty Valley Book Store, Chester
Book Nook, Ludlow

Black River Academy Museum
Thetford Historical Society, North Thetford
Shaftsbury Historical Society
Northfield Historical Society
Bridgewater Historical Society

Hartland Elementary School,
Brownell Library,
Essex Junction
St Albans Osher Life Long Learning
(These on Lewis and Clark)


Hello website reader! I can't believe I haven't updated this website since the winter! Here we are, about to go into autumn and of course, much has happened. The best, of course, is the simply wonderful summer here in Vermont. For me, a most productive garden - especially tomatoes and cucumbers. I always plant lots of cucumbers because my grandchildren eat them like chips - and I promote such behavior!

This summer I did a presentation on the CCC in Bristol and lots of contacting of involved people and research for the new CCC book. That research is shaping up to be from the point of view of women who were attached, before, during and after the Depression years, to the CCC boys and men. More later.

I have enjoyed teaching in the Dartmouth/​Osher program, and this fall I'll be giving a course on the Lewis and Clark Expedition - with twenty two students signed up. This has, of course, led me back into the very first of my writing for middle school and high school people, and my total love of this great geographical unfolding. And, boning up on the many avenues I explored for that writing, starting with a curriculum guide as the education director for the board of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. So now, I'm exploring the "trail" all over, and noting the similarities between the young men on the Expedition and the young men of the CCC - which I will write about.

Last year - 2014 - just past - was a wonderful year for Will and the CCC!
I continued to do presentations on the trilogy, (as well as two on Lewis and Clark).
I taught a class at ILEAD/​Dartmouth in Hanover - on what else - the Civilian Conservation Corps - titled, "Considering the CCC". On January 16 - during a snow storm! - I gave a talk at the Vermont History Museum, with sixty five people in attendance, including members of five historical societies to which I gave presentations in April, June and July! What fun and of course, good for book sales! See the side bars here for dates of presentations and browse the web site for information or ordering on all my books.

I was very gratified when the Vermont library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped announced the completion of their first locally produced audio book for the blind. And, guess what it is? INVASION ON THE MOUNTAIN! The first book of the trilogy described here! And, the second and third books to be recorded will be TROUBLE ON THE MOUNTAIN and AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!

Of course I am thrilled - pleased that my work was chosen for such a worthwhile project. It was a fitting addition to what was a very busy season for me and "Will's" books! I was a judge at Vermont History Day in Barre, which celebrates National History Day by bringing together students papers and presentations with a historical theme. This year's theme is Rights and Responsibilities in History - and that being so much a part of the phenomenon that was the Civilian Conservation Corps also pleases me.

Book Three, "At the Top of the Mountain", was published in early summer of 2013. This final book of the trilogy covers the years 1936 - 1938. Will, who was eleven when the series began, is at the series completion, seventeen. The trilogy and I were covered in front page art news articles in the Burlington Free Press, the Bennington Banner, the Rutland Herald and the Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy Newsletter. I gave several presentations, three in state parks, during the summer, and presented at several historical societies and libraries and bookstores in the spring and fall.

A wonderful program called QUEST, out of Ludlow, which served students from 9th to 12th grades, used the trilogy for a "hiking with history" unit. We climbed Ascutney, Okemo and toured Calvin Coolidge State Park, noting all the wonderful stone work and buildings constructed by the CCC youth, using the books as reference.

Learning from audience members at my presentations whose families were in the CCC - and who have generously shared newsletters and the photos that are in all the books - has been such a joyous part of this journey. The Civilian Conservation Corps was the Great American Humanitarian Effort - a time when citizens really worked together - and so did the government - to alleviate the suffering brought on by the Great Depression. Learn more from reading one or all three of Will's journey with the CCC.

I'm currently doing research and beginning to write another book, "as we speak", with new CCC corps member heroes. This historical novel will cover several camps nation-wide. Again, utterly fact-checked incidents and anecdotes, with characters I create. My favorite kind of writing. Much more of that later!

YOUR school, library, historical site, museum etc. could be on the list of presentations - so do contact me. When I go to a particular area, I do detailed research on the camp nearest you and intersperse that information with facts about the CCC as well as my path to writing this and my other books.

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Invasion on the Mountain, 1933:
Trouble on the Mountain, 1934-35:
At the Top of the Mountain, 1936 - 1938:
The Adventures of Will Ryan and the Civilian Conservation Corps
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Middle Grade Historical Fiction

The second of the trilogy on the Civilian Conservation Corps and Will Ryan. A dangerous wildfire on Ascutney Mountain, an unexpected blizzard, secrets from the past, and the new girl at school are just some of the challenges facing Will
Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Subtitled "The Adventures of Will Ryan and the Civilian Conservation Corps, this is the first of three books starring Will Ryan and his friends in the CCC. See full description by clicking on the title "Invasion...."
Final book in the "Will and the CCC" series on the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Ascutney CCC company finishes the road to the top of the mountain, Will saves the lives of hikers and a house about to be consumed by fire, he tours Coolidge State Park. Will and Carrie, nearing the end of high school and readying for college, realize their friendship has grown into something they want to last the rest of their livestrilogy
Children’s Historical
“The narrator’s undimmed enthusiasm for new sights and experiences lends rare immediacy...”
Non-Fiction, Adult, Psychology
This is a book about survival - of trauma, of the beliefs and defenses we form around that hurt, and how we can change ourselves and our lives for fulfillment and happiness.
Middle School/High School History
“Provides a glimpse into the struggles Hudson and his men met...[a] sense of immediacy and life!”
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